Why you should spend a vacation in Czech Republic???

The Czech Republic

The Czech Republic, also called Czechia, can be judged as a relatively small country, on the other hand, more than thirty million tourists visited the Czech Republic during 2017. So is there something unique why you should join the other visitors? Of course. And we will tell you in the next rows what are the most beautiful places to see in the Czech Republic, and what activities you can enjoy during your vacation in the heart of Europe.

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the Czech Republic

Prague and other big cities

The capital city of the Czech Republic is Prague, that ranks among the most visited cities in the Europe and world. And it deserves it. Prague was developed since the 9th century, and it’s full of beautiful ancient buildings. Those are constructed in many different architectural styles. During several days, you can admire Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance or Baroque sights, as well as latter more modern buildings. Prague Castle is the biggest castle in the world. The city of Prague is an absolutely perfect place for your vacation in the Czech Republic and in Europe. You can visit here many churches, monasteries, galleries, music halls, and museums. On the other hand, the town has become the very modern metropolis, and it offers to tourists all comfort they need. This city can’t simply disappoint you. Prague is wonderful. 


Brno is the second biggest city in the Czechia with its population of almost 400 000 people. It is a very modern metropolis and also the Moravian capital. The first settlement of the city is known even from the 6th century, and therefore you can find here in Brno many interesting sights. Today Brno is not as huge and „pulsating“ city like Prague, but it has everything what the modern city needs. 34 faculties of several universities, several theatres, great exhibition grounds, airport and tram lines. Further, you can visit Masaryk circuit where the Grand Prix of motorbikes takes place every year, football, ice hockey and stadiums for many other sports. Brno lies 200 kilometers south-east of Prague. You can go there from the capital city via highway D1 or relax in the train running through the modern train corridor.


Ostrava is the old mining, and the steel industry city, that has become a very modern pulsating metropolis. The third biggest town in Czechia will surprise you by the extensive iron works area, that passed the reconstruction and it is open to the public as a national site of the industrial heritage. If you love parties, the Stodolni Street is here for you. And from Ostrava, it is not so far to the mountains.

Short History of the Czech Republic and Sightseeing

The Middle Ages

Our republic has got very long and turbulent history. The initial population on the Czech territory were Celts since the 4th century B.C. The rise of the Czech nation is dated to the middle age,when the Bohemian Premyslid dynasty took over the rule over Moravia and Bohemia at the beginning of the 10thcentury. Both lands were joint together and they consist one state untill today. Charles the IV. from the dynasty of Luxembourg is the most famous and successful Czech king. He has even become the Roman Emperor, and during his reign, Czech country has thrived, and the capital city of Prague become one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Our long history is the reason, why you can visit so many ancient and beautiful buildings of many various architectonic styles. Romanesque, gothic, renaissance, baroque, art-nouveau, cubism, functionalism, all these styles might be seen during your holiday in Czechia. Prague castle is the largest castle complex not only in the Czech Republic but also in the whole world. And there are dozens of other bigger or smaller Czech castles, chateaus, and monasteries spread around the country. If you travel around the Czechia, you will understand, that the Czech Republic is just the paradise for the admirers of the history.

Charles IV_Prague

20th century

It was very natural that Czech lands joined with Slovakia in October 1918 after the WWI and Czechoslovakia have been established. Since 1stof January 1993 two separate states the Czech Republic and Slovakia have been created, but both nations are very close until today. After the more than forty years of the communist darkness, the prosperity of the lands is rising again. The grey buildings turned into the colored, and many impressive modern architectonic jewels have been developed. You can admire not only the famous Dancing House in Prague but many others modern complexes, for example, Archeopark Pavlov in South Moravia, Jested transmission tower in the North Bohemia or Congress Centre in Zlin, South Moravia. There are many reasons to spend the vacation in Czech Republic.

Czech landscape – adventure in summer and winter


Czechs love the trips. Maybe it´s because of the fact, that Czech landscape is so various. There are several large mountains on the borders with other countries. In the summer, thousands of visitors are coming to the mountains to explore them during their hiking or cycling trips. In the interior of the Czech Republic, you can walk in plenty of forests. There are several massive rock formations in the Czechia. Typically those are unusual sandstone formations, and such rock towns are just absolutely fantastic. Do you like caves? You will have many opportunities during your trips around the Czech Republic to visit one of more than twenty caves open to the public. The best chance to see them is the Moravian Karst with the most famous Punkevni Cave, which offers the cruising in the underground on the Punkva River.

If we are talking about the rivers, did you know that the Czechs are passionate canoeists? Vltava, Otava, Ohre, and Sazava are the most popular rivers. If you are in the Czech Republic during the summer, you should try it as those rivers run through the fantastic landscape. Czechs love camping. Take a tent or caravan and taste a romantic atmosphere in the camps. Those are typically lying on the coast of the lakes or rivers.


In the winter, you can also hike in the mountains. Or just take the ski and make a tour in the mountains. During the nordic skiing, you will get a chance to see the Czech landscape from unexpected perspectives. Plenty of Czech pistes also offer many opportunities to enjoy the downhill on the skies or snowboard. The winter is also a perfect time for your vacation in Czech Republic.

There are many different activities, trips, and sights in the Czech Republic waiting for you to explore them. So don’t wait. You will love the beauty of the Czech landscape.


If you didn’t consider any of the activities above as the relax for yourselves, then we have another option of the relax in the Czech Republic. There are almost twenty different spa cities in the Czechia. The most popular spa towns in the Czech Republic are lying in the West Bohemia. They offer to the visitors many curative and therapeutic procedures, as well as the hot spring baths.

Food and Drink in the Czech Republic

Local Czech cuisine can be too heavy or fatty for someone, but it is deliciousSoups, creams, dumplings and roasted meat are excellent. Here are just a few tips ofthe typical Czech meals and snacks.

Beef Sirloin with cream (Svickova) – everybody makes this creamy root vegetable sauce differently, and each Czech will tell you, that the best one is from his grandmother. In any case, i´s the best to taste it with home-made dumpling, whipping cream and cranberries.

Roasted pork, sauerkraut and dumpling (vepro, knedlo, zelo) – very heavy, but you should not miss it, doesn´t matter if it’s served with a standard or potato dumplings.

Roasted duck, roasted pork knee or ribs, game, dill or tomato cream, these are other typical meal you can order in the restaurant. 

Fast Food

If you want to eat just something smaller, you can order it in the fast foods in the streets, in the pubs or the restaurants next typical Czech snacks.

Brawn (Tlacenka) – pork meat in the jelly served with onion, vinegar, and fresh, crunchy bread

Utopenec – a sausage pickled in the vinegar served with onion and bread

Fried Cheese (Smazeny syr) – battered eidam cheese in the roll or baguette, or served with french fries. Don´t forget to add the ketchup or mayonnaise.¨

Pickled Camembert (Nakladany hermelin) – „camembert type“ of cheese is put into the flavored oil for several days. Again, it tastes best with the bread.

Tvaruzky – really „well stinking“ but delicious cheese

Czech beer

Have you heard the term Czech beer? If no, then you don’t know the beer. The Czech Republic has the old tradition of the brewing. See how they brew the beer and taste it in the local pubs. Beer from the Czech Republic is famous all around the world. And it is quite cheap if you compare it with the price in the neighboring countries. The cold Czech beer if a perfect choice during your vacation in Czech Republic.

Czech wine

And what about the wine? The answer is that the Czech and Moravian wines are absolutely delicious. The main region of the wine in the Czech Republic is the South Moravia with the plenty of vineyards. You can hire a bike and run through the picturesque and slightly hilly landscape and taste the delicious local wine in many wine cellars.

We believe, that we convinced you to spend your holiday or maybe the long weekend in the Czech Republic. It is the small and peaceful country in the heart of Europe. We can offer to our its visitors beautiful sights, cities and amazing Czech landscape for many trips.

If you would like to visit all these places and much more, don’t hesitate and visit our ebook section or order the tailor-made itinerary just based on your wishes.