Things to do in Czech Republic

June 2018

Summer is coming. Before the summer holidays begin officially in July,  you can put yourselves in the mood for summer. Let´s enjoy several interesting and amusing events that take place in the Czech Republic during June 2018. Take our tips and use the opportunity of your stay in the Czech Republic to liven it up by the special occasions.



Czechoslovakia state was established in October 1918. It was divided into two countries, the Czech Republic and Slovakia in 1993, but we count our state from 1918. So the Czech Republic celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. One of many events that are going to take place this year is the RE:PUBLIKA FESTIVAL in Brno in the area of the exhibition center. You can see many concerts, theatre performances, exhibitions, movies and  even more other „typical Czech events. We want to highlight just some of them.

the Czech Republic
Don’t miss the exhibition of The Slav Epic(Slovanska epopej) by famous Czech painter Alfons Mucha. It is a collection of 20 large canvases of the Art Nouveau style. Each of the painting is showing the history of the Slavish nation. The biggest paintings are of the size 6 x 8 meters. You can see in Brno 9 of them. The rest is staying in the Veletrzni Palace in Prague. The famous posters by Mucha complete the exhibition.
Each weekend of the festival is dedicated to the different themes. At first, weekend 01.06. – 03.06. is for children. There are plenty of the adventures in each exhibition hall for children, and it is free of charge. The second weekend 08.06. – 10.06. will present Czech traditions, folklore and the first republic period. You will have a chance to see folk ensembles from several central Europe countries. There is prepared the really of the vintage Czech Jawa motorcycles for the fans of the technique and many other exciting performances. The third closing weekend will take place 15.06 – 17.06.2018.
The festival is the celebration of the Czech traditions, and also the presentation of current Czech art and lifestyle. Check the whole programme on the festival official website GOTOBRNO
If you want to see more sight and interesting places in Brno and in the South Moravia, don’t hesitate and order the itinerary on our web page Top of Czech. We will advise you, what is the best to see. We know it, we live it. 


IGNIS BRUNENSIS 2018 – FIREWORKS FESTIVAL – BRNO – 02.06. – 16.06.2018

There is another „big“ event this month in the city of Brno. The traditional festival of the fireworks is also a competition. The 21st year of the IGNIS BRUNENSIS festival will present the teams from:
  • Czech Republic (02.06.2018 – Brno Dam)
  • Poland (06.06.1018 – Brno Dam)
  • Romania (09.06.2018 – Brno Dam)
  • France (13.06.2018 Brno Dam)
The last closing firework will present the art of the festival team (16.06.2018 Spilberk Castle, Brno).
For the shows at the Brno dam, you can purchase the tickets to the tribune HERE. But you don´t need to pay. You can stay just at the coast of the dam. The fireworks are visible from everywhere. 
You can check other information on the official website. The English version is very limited, so if you want to see the pictures and video, switch to the Czech version – link.



This might be the perfect start of the summer music festivals in the Czech Republic.

The Prague exhibition center in Holesovice will become the place of the great music for two days. There are two headliners scheduled for those two days. It will be Massive Attack on Friday and the Chemical Brothers on Saturday. I don’t want to miss mainly the Massive Attack. This British world music playing band is fantastic. I saw them live two years ago and definitely, I wanna see them again. This will be a great opportunity. Other stars that will appear on the stage are British song-writer Tom Oddele, John Cale – a member of the famous Velvet Underground, Sister Bliss – a former singer of the Faithlessband will present here a DJ set, and there will be even more to see. For example the Czech bands. If you are on the festival, take our recommendation. It is a band Sexy Dancers and their comeback after more than twenty years, or Tata Bojs, the best Czech group of the last decade.  Check the programme on the official website or FB as well and come to Holesovice, Prague. The exhibition center can be found only 10 minutes from the metro line C, station Nadrazi Holesovice.

Metronome Prague Festival



Zlata tretra (Golden Spike) is the biggest athletic occasion in the Czech Republic. Till last year, it was one of the meetings that were always visited by Usain Bolt. He had already ended his career last year, but another number one world athletes will come. If you want to be a part of this sport performance, then you must be on Wednesday 13th of June on the stadium in the city of Ostrava, Vitkovice.
Check the details on the webpage
Running Prague


Maybe this sport is not so well known in the world, but the Czechs are the lovers of the canoeing. And our athletes are outstanding in this sport. They brought many medals from the Olympic games, therefore we are proud of them. The center of the Czech canoeing sport is in the Prague quarter Troja on the Vltava river. And Troja will become the place of the European championship during the first weekend in June. Cross the fingers for the Czech athletes 😊You can bet that they will be supported in the wild waves by the huge howling crowd. Join them also and enjoy the great atmosphere at the bank of the Vltava river.
Czech the programme on the European championship webpage
Canoe Slalom



We have already shortly introduced the festival in our blog about the city of Karlovy Vary. And now the time for the movie fans is coming. The festival ranked as A class movie festival (one of the thirteen movie festivals in the world) will start on 30th of June in the spa city of Karlovy Vary. For two weeks, you could see a lot of fantastic movies from all over the world. We don´t know yet what stars from Hollywood will come this year, but you can bet that they will be the STARS. Michael Douglas, Woody Harrelson, Scarlett Johansson, Sharon Stone, Robert De Niro, John Travolta, Mel Gibson and many many other actors came in the past to this festival. The projections take place in several different cinemas, still the main center of the festival and the biggest hall is in the hotel Thermal, close to all the collonades. If you spend your vacation in the Czech Republic at the end of June or beginning of July, take this opportunity and come to Karlovy Vary and become a part of the 53rd International Film Festival Karlovy Vary. The West Bohemia is amazing, so don’t hesitate too much. Read more about the film festival on the webpage.
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