Explore the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is also called Czechia sometimes. It´s a small and peaceful country lying in central Europe. Czech people, according to the foreign researchers, are funny, non-violent and helpful. It takes us usually some time to become open and friendly. But once we do so, you can bet on us.  We love good meal. Czech food is a bit specific and maybe heavy for someone, but we love it.


Most of you know about the city of Prague, the Czech capital. And it deserves it. Prague is an ancient town full of architectonic gems built in many different historical styles.

What to do in the Czech Republic

We would like to show you, that our country offers much more to visitors. Explore with us whole Czech Republic. As Czechia is not a very large country, you may easily combine several areas during your travel.  See the landscape and cities in more regions. Do you like sights, trails in the mountains or deep forests, biking or canoeing? Or do you rather prefer the rush cities, shopping, and amusement? No problem. We can offer you all of that, and even more due to the knowledge of our country. Let yourselves get inspired.

Czech Regions

the Czech RepublicThe Czech Republic - Regions


Prague Castle Panorama

The capital city of Prague ranks among the most visited cities in the world. Certainly, it deserves it. Prague was developed since the 9th century. It´s full of beautiful ancient and buildings. They are constructed in many different architectural styles. During several days, you can admire Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance or Baroque sights, as well as the modern buildingsPrague Castle is the biggest castle in the world. You can see here many churches, monasteries, galleries, music halls, and museums. In the last decade, the town has become the very modern metropolis. It offers tourists the full comfort they need.  For that reasons, this city can hardly disappoint you. Prague is wonderful.

North Bohemia

North Bohemia

The North Bohemia is a region of the mountains. Jizera Mountain and Krkonose are fantastic places. Enjoy here the hiking tripssummer cycling tours or winter skiing. The hills are not very high, neither too low. Bohemian Paradise is also a nature reserve full of sandstone rocks. Discover tremendous views of the countryside, visit rock towns and ancient castles surrounded by the deep forests. Another great place is the biggest sandstone gate in Europe. It is Pravcicka Brana in Bohemian Switzerland. Explore thin defiles and experience the sailing on them. Visit the castles and palaces, caves or ancient mines.

West Bohemia

West Bohemia

You will hardly find a better place to relax than the West Bohemia spas. The spa towns here are also the treasures of the Czech Republic history, as well as many palaces and castles surrounding them. Anyway, the region offers even more. Spend a few days in Sumava; these mountains are not much affected by the civilization. See the beauty of the virgin forests. Get a look of lakes hidden there. And you shouldn´t surely omit the city of Plzen, the center of the Czech brewing. See how they brew the beer and taste it in the local pubs.

South Bohemia

South Bohemia

It would be no exaggeration to say, that the South Bohemia offers everything to its visitors. Generally, this is the most popular holiday area in the Czech Republic. Visit the medieval cities; famous Cesky Krumlov is only one of them. You can explore even more such places. Try the kayaking on the rivers Vltava and Otava. It isn´t only the fun for the whole family. It´s also a big adventure. South Bohemia region is “full” of castles, palaces, and monasteries. Do you like fishing? You must take your equipment to try to catch the fish in one of more than 300 ponds. Enjoy the cycling or the hiking in the mountains. For all these reasons, this region is absolutely born for the tourists.

East Bohemia

East Bohemia

From the north to the very south, this region of the East Bohemia is located right in the middle of the country. Generally, it splits Bohemia from Moravia. Krkonose mountains with its highest point Snezka (1603 meters) are beautiful. They are lying partially in the North Bohemia, and partially in the East Bohemia. You can spend here literary an unforgettable holiday, both in summer and winter. Adrspach-Teplice Rocks are unusual, unique sandstone formations. These rock towns are surely absolutely fantastic. Vysocina mountains are not too overcrowded, and you can find there so many hidden natural treasures. You can see all these locations and even more only in the East Bohemia.

South Moravia

South Moravia

South Moravia is the amazing sunny area with the plenty of vineyards. You can hire a bike and run through the picturesque and slightly hilly landscape. Taste the delicious local wine in many wine cellars. Don’t omit the romantic castles, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visit the biggest and the most beautiful karst caves in the Moravian Karst as well. You will be probably surprised by the magnificence of the dripstone decoration. There are five caves open to the public. Enjoy also the amusement, shopping or nightlife. Brno, the second biggest city in the Czechia, will surely enchant you.

North Moravia

North Moravia

Ostrava is the old mining, and the steel industry city. It has become a very modern pulsating metropolis. The third biggest town in Czechia will surprise you by the extensive ironworks area. Today, it´s reconstructed and open to the public as a national site of the industrial heritage. If you love parties, the Stodolni Street is right  for you. You can escape from the city to Jeseniky mountains. The wildest mountains in Czechia and the biggest mountains in Moravia offers visitors the amusement in summer and winter as well. Definitely, you shouldn´t omit beautiful historical cities Olomouc and Kromeriz. They will mesmerize you.

Everything you want to know about the Czech Republic

Are you travelers? Do you want to be prepared to understand the visited country at least a little bit? Then the next rows are for you. How does the Czech flag look like? What is the Czech currency? What is the weather in Prague, what the Czech language is? This and even more basic facts about our country.

Basic facts

Capital: Prague

Population:  10.5 millions

Area: 78 866 km2

Language: Czech

Government: Parliamentary Constitutional Republic

Head of state: President

Formation: Czech Republic – 1 January 1993 (Czechoslovakia 28 October 1918)

NATO – 12 March 1999

European Union – 1 May 2004

Calling code: +420

Time zone:  UTC +1

Official Motto: TRUTH PREVAILS


Czech flag

National anthem: „Kde domov muj“ by Frantisek Skroup and playwriter Josef Kajetan Tyl

The Czech Republic - Regions

Currency:  The Czech Republic currency is a Czech Crown (koruna). The Czech currency code CZK is often used internationally, but the local symbol is Kc.

Coins are issued in 1Kc, 2 Kc, 5Kc, 10Kc, 20Kc, and 50Kc.

Notes are issued in 100Kc, 200Kc, 500Kc, 1000Kc, 2000Kc and 5000Kc.

You can check the actual exchange rate on this link.

CZK Banknotes

Weather in the Czech Republic

The weather in the Czech Republic, as well as the weather in Prague,  is mild and hot in the summer. Temperatures are at around 25 – 30 °C. Sometimes, especially in the last few years, temperatures can reach up to 36 °C. The rains are not very common during the summer. Winters are more humid, and temperatures can fall to – 20 °C. Fortunately, it doesn’t happen so often. But don’t be surprised to see the snow from November till late March.

Basic Czech vocabulary
Good MorningDobre rano (Dobry den)
Good AfternoonDobry den
Good EveningDobry vecer
Good nightDobrou noc
Good byeNashledanou
Thank youDekuji (diky)
You are welcomeProsim
Do you speak English?Mluvite anglicky?
I don´t speak Czech.Nemluvim cesky.
I don’t understand.Nerozumim
Out of order Mimo provoz
No smoking Zakaz koureni
No entry Zakaz vstupu
We would like to order.Rádi bychom si objednali.
We would like to pay, please.Zaplatime, prosim.
Beef Hovezi