St. Mathew Funfair

Matejska Pout – Prague

When you are in Prague at the beginning of the spring, we can give you a tip to spend a nice afternoon. Especially if you come with kids or you are a big fan of the amusement parks, visit the Prague Exhibition Grounds in the Holesovice quarter. Enjoy the coasters, roundabouts, bumper cars, be scared in the house of the fear and after all this eat some traditional Czech food.

Where and when

Matejska pout starts each year on February 24th and ends in the mid of April. You can come there by metro. Use the line A, get off the train on the station Nadrazi Holesovice and walk ten minutes to the area of the exhibition grounds. There are many other exciting objects and things to do there, but let´s focus today on the very traditional St. Mathew Funfair. Its history is dating to the late sixteen century, and at these old times, it was the first spring pilgrim´s journey. During the years, it has changed its religion character to an amusing occasion. And it holds it until today.


You will pay fifty crowns at the entrance and then the extra fee for each of the attractions. What are the biggest adventures of this season 2018? We have checked it for you. Catapult will shoot you almost fifty meters high in the metal structure suspended on the ropes, but most probably you will not have time to watch the panorama of Prague.  You will get even higher up to seventy meters on the special swing called Rockit. Up and down, all around, turning around in several axes, you will have no idea soon where you are.

After this, you can easily relax in the horror house. If you have kids with you, no worries. There are more than thirty attractions for children. And bumper cars?Those are for whole families, just watch your teeth, if somebody hit you too hard. Do you come with your girlfriend? You must shoot for her the paper rose or some stuffed toy.

Funfair - bumper cars

Food is everywhere

The tempting smell of the grilled sausages, potato pancakes, sweet baked Trdelnik, delicious spit cake, and much other traditional foods will attract you to the fast-food stands. And of course, you need to have one beer after all. Don´t forget your mums and grandmoms. Gingerbread hearts will make them surely happy.

Czech traditional Trdelnik
From the St. Mathew Funfair, you can go to Stromovka park and relax there. It is one of the oldest and largest parks in Prague. If you have more time, walk across the Vltava river, and visit the ZOO with amazing and sweet gorillas. Or enjoy the smell of the exotic flowers in the botanical garden.
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