Revolut Card, great payment method not only for the travelers

The British fin-tech startup Revolut was developed in 2015 by Vlad Yatsenko and Nikolay Storonsky in London. The Revolut card brings the excellent opportunity not only for travelers. It’s due to the minimum expenses for the financial service. It is not a standard bank; it’s literally a „mobile bank.“ You just need to download the application to your cell phone. It ‘s available both for the Android and iOS systems.

Revolut application
Revolut google play
Revolut ios

The installation and the registration are pretty straightforward. Therefore everybody can do it yourself. The application will guide you through the short registration when the last step is the shipment of the payment card to your home address.

Advantages of the Revolut Card

  • Payment in the foreign currency with the best interbank rate. Support of more than twenty-six currencies
  • The account is split from your private account. You can transfer only that money that you need. By this, you can eliminate your account robbing
  • There is a possibility in the application to control your full account and all the transactions – money transfer, payment overview, card blocking, etc.
  • Quick money transfer in between the different accounts. Your application will automatically detect, which contacts from your list use the same application
  • The bill split in between other users – this is an ideal solution if you pay for the group of people and expect to get the money back. Just one click and the users will see the amount they owe to you.
  • Cryptocurrency purchase – not verified yet by ourselves, anyway this option exists

You can find more information on the official website.

How it works

As we said before, the Revolut card is a fully autonomic mobile bank. Your account is paired with your phone number. And it is paired with your mobile device Revolut application. Once you receive your card via post (typically three weeks), you need to charge it from your „standard“ bank account.

Revolut card

Be a little bit careful. The account is held in GBP (British Pound), and you need to select the best option based on the fee of your bank. One option is to charge your card via the payment order. The second option is online transfer via your standard card. The second option is preferable of course, as you avoid additional payment to your bank and money you charge are immediately visible on your Revolut account.

Revolut account

Now you are ready to start the payment with your Revolut card. It’s activated with the first payment in the shop. The amount is automatically withheld in the local currency, and you can see it in the app overview. Revolut uses a very favorable rate, therefore you really don’t pay more than needed. This is the exact reason, why this card is such an excellent option for the travelers.

The card serves as any other payment card. Use it at the sellers; the contactless option is a commonplace, as well as the online payment.

Revolut card available in the Czech Republic

Revolut came to the Czech market at the beginning of 2018. If you come to the Czech Republic for the business trip, vacation or you are coming to enjoy the weekend break in Prague, you can use your Revolut card without any issue. 100% of the sellers accept it, and most of them provide the contactless payment, as the Czech Republic ranks among the states with the highest contactless payment rate.

Revolut Czech Republic

Of course, Revolut is not the only way how to pay in the Czech Republic. Sellers support most of the existing card like Visa or Master Card. We only wanted to point out, how great this product is. And believe us, we started to use it a few months ago, and we love it. Simply you don’t need to pay any extra fees.

Do you still hesitate? No, you shouldn’t. Come to explore the beauty of the Czech Republic. This card will make your stay here even better.

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