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1 day Karlovy Vary

One-day Karlovy Vary Guide

Visit West Bohemia Region

We walked everywhere ourselves, and we saw everything ourselves, and we can share it now with you. You will save your time and money.

This ebook is split into two chapters.  The first part is a one-day itinerary that will guide you step by step through the most beautiful places of Karlovy Vary and its neighborhood. The second part will introduce you the Czech Republic. You will get the basic knowledge about the Czech history, geoghraphy, most visited places, language, Czech currency, transport, meal, habits, holiday, traditions and many other interesting things about our country.

What do the e-books include?

You will get within 73 pages the next information:


Karlovy Vary cover
  • 26 pages
  • Step by step itinerary
    • One day tour – the highlights of the city
    • Collonades & thermal spring
    • Relax in the spa
    • The trip to the hills above the city (walk or funicular)
  • Information about the transportation (bus, tram and metro lines)
  • Detailed schedule(distance and time to each location, estimated time spent on the place)
  • Description of the place of interest and curiosities about it
  • Opening hours, entrance fee, address
  • Photographs of sights
  • QR codes with google map link and official website link
  • Tips for good meal and drinks 

…and much more

Karlovy Vary itinerary map example
Karlovy Vary itinerary example

Information About Czech Republic

Czech Republic cover
  • 47 pages
  • General information about the Czech Republic
  • Czech history – from the Middle Ages to the present
  • Geography and Regions – the Czech Republic is very diverse. We advise what and where to see
  • Top 10 most visited places – do not miss out on any important sight
  • The most attractive Czech towns – tips for “you must see places” in the most important Czech cities
  • National holidays and Czech traditions – you will not miss any important event
  • Czech cuisine – you should be prepared to taste ale the Czech delicacies
  • Ways of transport – you will not be lost if you know the basic transport options
  • Currency and language – we do not use the euro, but the Czech crown. See what coins and banks look like.
  • The best events during the year – the most important opportunities in the field of culture, sports and entertainment

…and much more

Czech Republic info example
Czech Republic travel info example

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