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How it has begun

In last few years, we have traveled around the world and saw many amazing places. Watching the photographies from our trips and comparing them with our photos from the Czech Republic, we used to say ourselves: „Are these places here worse than in the rest of the world? Are not these rocks, mountains, meadows, cities, castles, rivers and lakes beautiful?“

Czech Beauty

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Czechia is a quite small country, but the cities and landscape are so miscellaneous, that they are hardly comparable with other neighboring states in Europe. But the propagation of the Czech Republic and knowledge about it is still not perfect. Surely, it is getting better, yes, but it is still not enough. There are still many Czech web pages on the internet that are not in English. And therefore many beautiful locations are hidden to foreign people. It´s a shame, isn’t it. Therefore we made a decision.

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Tailor-made Itinerary

We want to contribute to the propagation of our own country and make it more known in the world. Why don’t help tourists to find the best places of the Czech Republic? Don’t waste your time. As we traveled the length and breadth of our land, we know what is perfect for your and what places you should rather avoid. Based on your preferences, we build up the itinerary in such a way, that you will see the best. You will not spend hours with the planning of your holiday. Also, you don’t need to cross there and back. We will line up all the places you want to see in the very logical way.

Czech Republic itinerary

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We will share in our blog section the exciting and remarkable news about the Czech Republic. You will be informed about the actual situation here. We will also write about our traditions, beautiful places you should not miss, current events and many others. Watch our blog, and you will get the update.

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