Our Story – How it has begun

Once upon a time, sitting in the comfortable chair in the office of the big international company, we have been desperate. Two colleagues thinking about the sense of what we do, and what we bring to the world. Is this really what we want? Does this fulfill us essentially? And guess what? Of course, it doesn’t. Read further and discover our story.


But how to get out of these „grey“ days. What are we good at? It took a while to convince each other of our strong points. As a result, we put them in written, and suddenly the idea has appeared. Still hidden a little bit in the fog of the rigid brains damaged by the years of the project leadership in the automotive area, but more and more are thoughts started to get clear outlines.

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Idea Has Appeared

Well. What is typical for both of us?

The traveling

We made together the trips through Thailand, USA and also European countries like Slovenia, Italy or Spain. Everything on our own, without any travel agency. We have always managed to see what we wanted because we have planned it at first. Therefore we have proven to ourselves, that our plans are reasonable and well organized. Generally speaking, the key is to prepare it properly. And the planning is our strong point (suddenly the years of the project´s leading seems to be pretty useful).

Knowledge about the Czech Republic

Since our childhoods, we have traveled with our families around our country, and we do it till nowadays. We visited all the Czech mountains, rocks and caves. Further, we sailed many Czech rivers. There is almost no castle, chateau or monastery where we wouldn’t be. We know beautiful Czech cities and of course our capital city of Prague.


Adventure is something pretty thrilling. We love to appear in the middle of the unknown land and explore it. On the other hand, firstly you need to understand some basic facts about the foreign country you visit, habits and traditions of the original inhabitants. How the transport works, what are the specifics of each concrete state? And due to the fact, that there aren´t still available so many information about the Czech Republic in English, it isn’t so easy for the foreign tourist to find the proper information.

So having these essential points on the paper in front of us, the idea has appeared. Let’s help to foreign tourist. We can help to attract them to come and advise them what to do in Prague and the Czech Republic. And now you have a chance to confirm these strengths. Just buy our itinerary or ebook guide and travel to the Czech Republic. We are sure that you will have a smooth and pleasant stay in the Czech regions and big cities like Prague, Brno or Ostrava.

And now you can become a part of our story. We believe that you will enjoy it. 😊