Karlovy Vary Spa

City Born For Relax

Do you come to spend your vacation in the Czech Republic? If you want to rest, relax and also visit exciting sights, you might welcome our tip. There is no better place for such activities than the city of Karlovy Vary. Explore the beautiful spa city along with us.

Mill Colonnade

Geography and History

Karlovy Vary with a population of around 50 000 people is lying in the West Bohemia, approximately 125 km west of Prague. The hills of protected landscape area Slavkovsky Forest (Slavkovsky les) surround the town. Ore Mountains (Krusne hory) are also not very far from there. The city is split into the two parties by Ohre river, that is a popular tourist destination for the canoeing in the summer. If you are interested in the sightseeing, there are also several castles and monasteries around.

According to the legends, the company of Emperor Charles IV. went to the forest around today city in the 14th century for the hunting of the deer. One of the dogs has suddenly disappeared. They found him howling inside the hot water hole. And this was the moment when they saw the first spring in this area.

The boom of the town had started at the end of the 17th century when people began to use the thermal springs. Up till today, there have been explored sixteen springs rising to the surface.

What to do in Karlovy Vary

Hot springs

Today Karlovy Vary spa city offers to its visitors a romantic atmosphere. You can enjoy the beauty of noble houses, or walks along the beautiful collonades. Of course, you will have many opportunities to taste the water from the springs. Or take a warm thermal bath. There are five collonades in the center of the city. Some of them look quite traditionally.  Only the glass-concrete Hot Spring Collonade from 1975 is really different, and you can taste inside the hottest spring of 72 °C.

The town is very popular due to the spa houses. They offer the rest not only to the patients, but also to normal visitors. Try therapeutic procedures, hot spring baths and relax for singles and couples as well. So why not to spend the romantic weekend here?

Don’t forget to taste the traditional sweet round waffles, that are prepared in many different flavors. They are best if they are fresh and hot.

Film festival

If you are here at the beginning of July, be aware that the film festival takes place in the city. The center is full of movie fans and you can also meet some famous actors. On the other hand, it would be nice to make a selfie with John Travolta, wouldn´t be?


If you want to see a beautiful landscape, you have also many opportunities here. Either you can walk on many pathways above the town and admire the town from above. Or visit the natural landscape of Slavkovsky Forest or beautiful Ore Mountain lying not far away from Karlovy Vary spa. We can only recommend to borrow the canoe and spend one or more days on the amazing Ohre river. It is a perfect river for the beginners, but even the advanced paddlers will love the rapids of the river.

Karlovy Vary spa and its neighborhood is a fantastic place for your vacation in the Czech Republic or a long weekend. Trust us and come to see this amazing town with your own eyes. Become a follower of Mozart, Beethoven, Paganini, Freud or Chopin who loved this city.  Enjoy a few days in the fantastic spa center of Karlovy Vary. Check also our free travel ebook on our webpage to learn more.