Czech Vacations

What Czechs do during the summer?

Summer time is coming. And millions of Czechs burst out of their homes to enjoy their “Czech vacations”.  Do you know what their habits are? Where do they stay during the summer? Read the next lines, and you will find it out. You can take the tips for your own holiday.

Czech government guarantee at least twenty free working days per year, and most of the companies offer to their employees one extra week off. We take the annual leave typically during the summer and Christmas period. School ends at the end of June and children return to the classes at the beginning of September. So if you come to the Czech Republic during the summer, rather book the accommodation in the hotels and camps in advance. We love seasides, on the other hand, a lot of Czechs explore own country and stay in the Czech regions.

To the seaside with the family

Sea. Of course!!! The Czech Republic is the inland country. And we are eager to go to the seaside. Top three destinations are Italy, Greece, and Croatia, which is the absolute winner out of all the locations. Almost one million of Czech tourist go to Croatia during the summer months. And it´s obvious why. If you depart from the eastern part of the country, you can lie on the beach within seven hours. But Czechs are willing to go much further. It doesn´t matter if they travel in the car on their own or by bus with the travel agency. They are willing to spend on the road twenty hours without any issues. For us, it is a relatively cheap country. So if you are in Croatia during the summer, you will feel like in the Czech Republic, surrounded by the Czech language.

During last few years, other seaside places are becoming more and more popular. Czechs start to explore the exotic destinations like Thailand, Vietnam or Sri Lanka, but they are also becoming to return to the beaches of Germany and Poland, like they were used in the past during the communist period, when they were significantly limited to travel.

Czech are becoming richer in the past few years, and they change their habits. Instead of the homemade food prepared in the rented apartment, they prefer more and more all-inclusive service in the hotels.


Czechs love the adventure. So more and more of younger people travel on their own just with the bag on the back. For few weeks, months or years? It doesn´t matter. In the global world, you stay abroad and work from that place online. The most popular destinations of the Czech backpacker is south-east Asia, South America and southern European countries like Spain of Portugal. The goal is clear. BE FREE!!!

Czech countryside

Almost half of the families have their cottage or house in the countryside. We love to leave the city and spend the weekends and also part of the summer holiday with our close relatives. People enjoy the free days by making the trips, picking up the mushrooms in the forest and going to the outside swimming pools, lakes and ponds.

Vacation in the Czech Republic

Czechs are using the opportunity of the different beautiful landscape, and many of them spend the holiday time in the Czech regions.

There are several large mountains on the borders with other countries. In the summer, thousands of visitors are coming to the mountains to explore them during their hiking or cycling trips. In the interior of the Czech Republic, you can walk in plenty of forests. There are several massive rock formations in the Czechia. Typically those are unusual sandstone formations, and such rock towns are just absolutely fantastic. Do you like caves? You will have many opportunities during your trips around the Czech Republic to visit one of more than twenty caves open to the public. The best chance to see them is the Moravian Karst with the most famous Punkevni Cave, which offers the cruising in the underground on the Punkva River.

When we are talking about the rivers. Do you know that the Czechs are passionate canoeists? Vltava, Otava, Ohre, and Sazava are the most popular rivers. If you are in the Czech Republic during the summer, you should try it as those rivers run through the fantastic landscapeCzechs love camping. Take a tent or caravan and taste a romantic atmosphere in the camps that are typically placed on the coast of the lakes or rivers.


The most popular destination for the vacation in the Czech Republic is the South Bohemia.

Children’s holiday

Two months of holiday. Wow. When I was young, it was really something. Children can experience so many adventures during two months. Few weeks with parents by the sea, two weeks in the summer children camp and of course, grannies are waiting to have their grandsons and granddaughters with them for few weeks.
Summer camps are very typical for the Czech kids. Almost each of them has been in the summer camp at least once. And most of them return each summer up till their adulthood. Even adults love to come back to the summer camp as the lectors to return to the childhood. Few weeks in the tents are full of games, fun and summer atmosphere.

And that´s it. I am going to pack my stuff and I am leaving. Summer is here 😊