Vera Bila

22.05.1954 – 12.03.2019

Vera Bila, amazing Czech singer, has passed away this week. She was 65 years old.

Czech Romany singer Vera Bila was incredible. Her life run up and down. At the edge of the millennium, she was undoubtedly the most famous Czech singer abroad. Her unique voice was admired everywhere where she performed. Together with her gypsy band Kale, she sold out the best music halls in the world. She sang in Olympia in Paris and also in the White House for the former US president Bill Clinton.

But her soul was different. She left the band, she became addicted to gambling machines, and she lost her son and husband. She spent last years aside, living in the quarter, dreaming about the comeback. And this comeback was planned for this Friday. Unfortunately, we did not have a chance to see it. Vera Bila passed away three days before the concert.

Fortunately, her excellent and exceptional music will be here for us forever.

I would be pleased if some of you would come to love with her music. Here are some of my favorite songs of her.

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