Ester Ledecka – two times Winter Olympic winner

It is not so exceptional to win two gold medals on one Olympic Games. There are several examples even from Pyeongchang, South Korea, 2018. But what Czech 22-year-old representant Ester Ledecka did, it is hardly comparable to anyone else. She won two Golds in two sports.

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Ester Ledecka, daughter of popular Czech singer and music composer Janek Ledecky, is a unique amphibian. She already won the World Cup and World Championship in parallel snowboarding. But in 2016 she started to race also in alpine skiing, where the Downhill and Super-G are her specializations. She is still very young, and her best result was the seventh place in the downhill in Lake Placed this year. Everybody knew that this girl has potential, but that she will turn it to gold already in Pyeongchang? No way. But she did it.

Gold medal winter Olympic game 2018

Alpine Skiing

17.2.2018 – the start of the ladies Super-G on Olympic Game. All the main favorites are already in the finish. Anna Veith, Austrian, is the first and she is already celebrated as the winner. She is even giving the interview to televisions, but the shock has come. With number 26, when the piste is not in good condition anymore, Ester Ledecka started her run. There was no pressure on her so she could ski relaxed. She made a few smaller mistakes, but she was quick. She led on the last intermediate time by 0.04 seconds.

The last jump did not look well, Ester has almost fallen down. But she did not lose her speed. She went to the finish and beat Anna Veith by 0.01 seconds only. Crowds on tribunes are shouting, and Ester just can’t believe it. As she said later, she thought that the timer was broken and didn’t measure correctly. But it did. She has become the most unexpected gold winner in Pyeongchang.

Ester Ledecka


24.02.2018 – the second chance for Ester, the start of the ladies snowboard parallel slalom. Today the situation is different. There is a big pressure on her as everybody expect her to win it. At first, all the racers need to go to the elimination through the qualification. They go solo against the time. Guess who won the qualification? Yes, it was Ester by almost one second.

The advantage of the winner of the qualification is, that he can choose the lane for the elimination rides. There are two lanes, one red and one blue and typically one of them is quicker. Today it is the red line that looks quicker. There are sixteen racers from the qualification going to the elimination. The way to the gold Olympic medal leads through four wins. Ester has no issue at all and in the final, she beats German racer Selina Jorg by half of a second. And now she can start to laugh. She did it.

Ester Ledecka

She won two gold Olympic medals in two different winter sports in one game as a first woman, and she is now a part of the Olympic history. She is still only 22 years old so she has the potential to show much more. Is she going to continue to race in both sports? Or she will decide just for the skiing, that is even more popular? It is up to her now, but nobody will ever forget this great success. We wish her all the best.