Czech Republic Easter

Yahooo!!! Again, after a year, the Easter is back. Not sure how you perceive this period of the year, but for me, since the childhood, this time means, that the spring is coming. And you can really feel it in the air. Just now, when  I am writing the blog, I opened the balcony, and fresh spring air is coming inside. Maybe I will leave the winter jacket at home for the first time this year. And at the top of this, tomorrow is the last working day, and we all in the Czech Republic have holiday since Good Friday till Easter Monday. We are back in the schools and offices only next Tuesday. We can enjoy one of the most traditional holidays, that we celebrate during the year. Czech Republic Easter is the celebration of the spring.

Easter Meaning

Most of you perfectly know, that Easter is the Christian holiday, that commemorates the crucifixion of the Jesus Christ on Good Friday and his Ressurection on Easter Sunday. But maybe you don´t know when exactly we celebrate the Easter. The day is not fixed. It is a first Sunday that follows after the first spring full moon. So it can vary from 22nd of March till the 25th of April. But there is still a question “WHY?” Why is it a movable holiday? In a simplified way, it is a compromise agreed between the Christians and Jewish parties. Jesus Christ was a Jew, and even him celebrated the Easter on a concrete day. The day that means for Jewish the commemoration of the leaving of the Israelites from Egypt. But the day of the Christians is a Sunday. And they agreed together on a compromise described above.

Easter Jesus Christ

Easter in the Czech Republic

Good Friday

Czech Republic Easter starts typically on a Good Friday, the commemoration day of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Despite the fact that this day is a Bank Holiday, shops and public places are typically open. In the villages, you can see groups of small boys running the streets with wooden rattles and making the noise instead of the bells, that are silent from Easter Thursday till Easter Saturday according to the legends. In the cities, the traditional markets take place on the main squares so that you can purchase the decoration to your house or some nice handmade goods.

Easter hand made goods

Easter Sunday

This is the main day of Ester mainly for the Christians, because of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The masses take place in every small church. If you are in the Czech Republic and you want to the taste the real atmosphere of Easter, go to the church. The atheists are preparing themselves for Easter Monday. Each house should have on the holiday table the cake of the shape of the small lamb. And of course, there must be decorated or colored eggs.

Typically this is the job for women. There are many ways how to do it, most often they „just“color the eggs in the baths, but there are those, who are proud to have the exclusive eggs. People decorate the eggs with the wax and dye them afterward. Or they paint them manually and decorate with the straw. Men got a different duty that day. They need to find a young willow tree and pick up their long sticks. Than they plait them into the „whips“,  and use them next day for the meritorious reasons.

Easter Monday (Whipping Monday)

Men and boys visit their families and girlfriends with one goal only. To spank the girls with wooden whips. No worries, we are gentle as we know what ladies mean for us. Ladies are actually happy for being spanked, because people say, that  whoever is not spanked, will “dry off.” Boys are rewarded with eggs, sweets or some good spirits. Shops are closed, public places are usually open.

Easter wooden whip

This year, we will travel around the Czech Republic and make some pictures for you, to show you better how the Easter in the Czech Republic looks like. We wish you a very nice Easter holiday, whether you spend it in the Czech Republic or anywhere else around the world. Czech Republic Easter, it´s a celebration of the spring.