Welcome to the Czech Republic. That´s what you can hear if you pass across the border at the airport. But at first, you need to have the permission to come. In our today blog, we would like to summarize all the information about Czech Republic VISA in one place. Surely this can help, as the official information are not very user-friendly.

the Czech Republic visa

Schengen Area

The Schengen Area is the institution which gathers twenty-eight European states. Most of them are members of the European Union (EU). The Czech Republic is a part of the European Union since 1st of May 2004. Most of EU countries are also members of the Schengen Area except:

  • Romania
  • Bulgaria
  • Cyprus
  • Croatia
  • Irland
  • United Kingdom

Schengen is an excellent opportunity for people to travel to the European lands without long-lasting border control. Simply, you don´t need to show your passport. Sometimes, you even don´t notice, that you are in the different country.

On the other hand, four states outside EU are a member of the Schengen Area.

  • Norway
  • Iceland
  • Switzerland
  • Liechtenstein

VISA for the entrance and short-term stay (below ninety days) to one of the Schengen area country are also valid for the rest of the „Schengen states.“ Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, and Cyprus should also accept the Schengen VISA, but rather check the actual information at the web pages of the Ministry of External Affairs of those countries. VISA is not valid for the United Kingdom and Irland, as they are not part of the Schengen Area, even if they are members of the European Union.

Map of Europe

Short-term VISA

This kind of VISA is valid for 90 days in the period of 180 days. This means that you can leave after a few days and come back again if it is during 180 days period. We can split the short-term stay in Schengen in a next way:


You can check all the information and download the Application Form on the official web page of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic. The request is available in English, Arabic, Russian and Ukrainian languages.


Applicants can apply up to 3 months before but no later than 15 days before the planned travel. The time for the decision is MAX 15 days.


In principal, the application shall be submitted to the embassy of the Schengen State which is the principal destination of the journey. If you are coming to the Czech Republic, check where is the nearest embassy.


Together with your application form, passport, and your photograph, you also need to leave the fingerprints during your visit to the embassy as well. Last but not least, there is a mandatory fee of 1000 CZK at first (approximately 40 $). You need to pay it together with your application.


Your chance to get VISA will definitely increase if you have the invitation. The Czech citizen, or citizen of the Schengen country that you want to visit,  must place it officially to the Alien Police Inspectorate.  Once the invitation is confirmed, the inviting person/company mails the original of the invitation form to the invited person. Then he/she submits it along with the visa application.

Long-term VISA

If your stay is longer than ninety days, you need to get the long-term VISA. It is valid for one year. Overall, you can proceed in the same way as for the short-term VISA. You will get the permission to stay longer than ninety days. Still, you need to be careful in other Schengen states. Your stay there may not exceed 90 days within any 180 days and must be of a non-profit nature. The decision is done within 90 – 120 days. For student VISA, it´s only 60 days.

The long-term Czech Republic VISA is issued mainly for the purpose of health, culture, sport, study, scientific research, family, entrepreneurship and other.

You can check all the details on the web page of Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

approved visa

If you are asking your VISA for the stay in the Czech Republic, then we believe that we helped you to make your life more comfortable. Now it´s time to pack your stuff and visit the beautiful Czech Republic. You can use our service to get the itinerary based on your wishes. Other option might be our travel guide about Prague and also other Czech regions.

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