Monday, October 28, 1918

Sunday, October 28, 1918

Saint Wenceslas

Saint Wenceslas

The Czech Republic, formerly the part of the Czechoslovakia State, celebrates its 100th anniversary today. Let´s see together the main milestones of our country. Let´s see the most important rises and falls, as well as the biggest successes of Czech people as we consider them.

1918 – Establishment of the Czechoslovakia State

The old Bohemian Kingdom went under a rule of the Habsburg dynasty in 1526.  The Czech nation had to wait for the own state almost 400 years. The dream came true only on Monday, October 28, 1918. The video below is actually with a Czech comment, and even with the old comment from the communist period. Anyway, it´s showing the atmosphere of that day very authentically.

1938 – Munich Agreement

September 30, 1938 was a black day for Czechoslovakia. Representatives of Germany, UK, France, and Italy has decided, that Germany can annex the Czechoslovakia lands around the borders with Germany (Sudetenland). Therefore we believe, that it was the decision about Czechoslovakia without Czechoslovakia. We could discuss for the ages if Czechs and Slovaks had to fight that time. Anyway, it´s pointless. We didn´t do so. In March 1939, the separate Slovak State was established. Germany took full control over the Bohemia and Moravia as well.

1945 – End of WWII

May 8, 1945 – armies of the USA and the Soviet Union liberate the Czech and Slovak lands. Both countries have also joined together again. The Prague uprising on May the 5th preceded the liberation itself. Sometimes, you don´t need the words to understand the history. The atmosphere in the streets was surely incredible.

1948 – „Victorious February“

NO NO NO NO NO NO and once more NO. This wasn´t the victorious February for millions of Czechoslovaks. This was the coup d´etat. The Communist party, undoubtly with the Soviets in backing, took the rule over Czechoslovakia. The freedom gained after the war and destinies of million people were lost again for the next forty years.

1968 – Prague Spring and Soviet Occupation

The Czechoslovak Communist party has elected new leaders. This situation has led to the reforms and releases of human rights. Therefore people could talk openly again. The artists could work independently. Unfortunately this situation didn´t take too long. The armies of Soviet Union, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, and East Germany have crossed the borders on August the 21st. The country was occupied for the next twenty years.

The singer Marta Kubisova backgrounds the atmosphere of the movie below. She couldn´t perform until 1989. You will see her again in the video from 1989.

1989 – Velvet Revolution

You could feel the revolution „in the air“ since the beginning of 1989. The dream came true only on November the 17th. The communist police suppressed the student demonstration. This has turned to the fall of the Communist Party.

SINCE NOVEMBER 1989, WE LIVE IN A FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY. We can only wish to live in such a country forever. Or we can pray as Marta Kubisova did in her song Modlitba pro Martu. For me, this performance on the balcony at the Wenceslas Square in Prague in November 1989 is the most emotional performance ever.

1993 – Czechoslovakia Split

Two countries were established in 1993, The Czech Republic and Slovakia. Still, both nations are in very close and good relationship.

1999 – The Czech Republic joined the NATO

2004 – The Czech Republic joined the European Union

And here are few moments from the history and few important persons that promoted the Czech Republic worldwide.

Vaclav Havel – Czechoslovak and Czech President, Dramatic

His speech on New Year 1990 was unforgettable for me. After the ages, somebody told to the nation the true, not the lies anymore.

Czech Oscars

1968 – Closely Watched Trains by Jiri Menzel

1997 – Kolya by Jan Sverak

Olympic Games Nagano 1998 – The Czech Republic won the ice hockey Olympic Tournament

Watch the video mainly at the time 44:30 (goal) and  47:30 (end of the match and the celebration in the streets). Each Czech knows this event, and each Czech remembers, where he watched the final Olympic match against Russia.

Czech Anthem

In the end, we are sharing the video with the best interpretation of the Czech National Anthem. Of course, it is the best only in our opinion.


We wish you peace, prosperity and only such a politicians, who will no longer split the country and the nation.

100th anniversary of Czech Republic

100th anniversary of Czech Republic

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