On this page, we would like to help you to find the best hotels in Prague or in the Czech Republic. But not only hotels. In the links below, you can select the accommodation in the Czech Republic in the private apartments, cottages or camps as well. There are so many opportunities. Just select the one that suits you best.


If you prefer the hotels in Prague or in the Czech Republic, well-known server www.booking.com is the best choice for you.


The server www.airbnb.com  is here for those, who want to stay in the private apartments and meet new people. Czechs are pretty hospitable to their visitors.
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Check out the campsites on the server www.czechcamping.com. Czech families like the camping, and you can find the perfect sites close to each popular tourist destination.


Czechs love to leave the city during the weekends and spend them in the countryside. Therefore there are hundred thousands of the chalets, cabin lodges, and romantic houses spread all around the country. Check the offer to hire some of them on the web www.czechvacation.com.