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We are Czech guys loving the traveling and also our country. We know that the Czech Republic has so many beautiful places to visit. Therefore one day, thinking about our life, we decided not to keep our experience only for ourselves.
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Czech Republic – beating heart of Europe
The Czech Republic is a peaceful country in central Europe. There are so many historic cities that grew up in the modern metropolis.  They are full of castles, palaces, and churches as well. Czech landscape is also pretty various. Many mountains, rock towns, caves, rivers, and lakes will surely astonish you.

Why try our itinerary

First of all, it’s so easy. Only a few steps will lead you to the problem-free stay in the Czech Republic. We are no travel agency.  Anyway, we want to help to Czech Republic tourism. You will get your literary “tailor-made” itinerary. Therefore you can travel smoothly on your own. So don´t waste your time and money.

Travel Guide

Choose from several different travel guides in ebook format. We have prepared for you clearly written guides about Prague and other charming locations in the Czech Republic. We know those places and we can guide you smoothly on your way.


Travel with us. Weekly blogs about our travel experiences, other tips for the great events and all the interesting things about the Czech Republic and Czech Republic tourism.

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